Review: Cave Cravings Snack Box

Cave Cravings Box

Fun day Thursday when I received my Cave Cravings Box in the mail to review. I always love trying new things (especially Paleo things), so when Cave Cravings, a organic snack subscription service, reached out to ask if they could send me a box, I said YES!

First, here is the fun box I received and what was inside:

Cave Cravings Box

It’s exciting to get anything in the mail these days and Paleo services like Cave Cravings are becoming very popular for a good reason. I even shop for clothes this way (check out StitchFix here).

I’m fairly sure our box contained (but not certain because my husband, a.k.a. “The Kitchen Sink,” inhaled half the box before I could blink):

  • 2 packs of grassfed, gluten free beef jerky
  • 2 gluten-free, vegan friendly energy bars
  • 4 gf, vegan energy bites
  • 5 almond raisin cookies
  • 2 packages of cocoroons (macaroons)

I agreed to test this box is because Cave Cravings asked for an honest review, telling me they are a company of integrity who stands by their product. It also tells me they are adaptable and want to provide the best service possible. That’s already a win-win in my book as far as ethics go.

My husband and I dug into everything and judged for quality, taste, and nutrient density. Let’s start with the bad and finish with the good.


Thumbs Down

Low Overall Nutrient Density

High Sugar: Not surprising, but a bit disappointing, was the amount of “Paleo” desserts in the box. Most items’ first or second ingredient was some type of sugar (albeit better quality sugars, from honey, coconut, dates, etc.).

Low Protein: The quality protein (i.e., from something that runs/swims/flies) was zilch (not counting the jerky, a standalone item). If I’m going to eat 20-30g of carbohydrates, I’d like at least 10g of protein to go along with it.

To be clear: Dessert isn’t bad, but it’s dessert… a treat.

My desire for a box like this is to provide quick, on-the-go, nutrient dense snacks… better than the standard on-the-go options. As is, most items in this box provided the same carbohydrate overload from slightly better quality ingredient options.

How would I use this box?  These would be desserts for 1-2x per week in my house or for my clients, not everyday.

In a way, calling this a Paleo box encapsulates all that’s wrong with the Paleo community. Replacing the Standard American Diet with grain-free, sugar-laden substitutes misses the entire point of this movement – nourishing our bodies with high quality, nutrient dense foods that create health instead of disease.




How could it improve? I'd rather see more raw nuts, seeds, jerky, and even kale chips and fewer cookies. Also, the large energy bars were okay, but the protein was super-low in conjunction with the carbohydrates, so they wouldn't be a great meal replacement, but maybe better for post-workout (Could you use these Rxbars instead or in addition to?).



3 out of 5 on Taste

If I'm going to eat dessert, I want it to knock my socks off. Yes, I'm picky. While some items in the box DID knock my socks off, the rest were just okay. They were okay enough for my husband to eat them but not "worth it" to me.




How could it improve? Allowing customers to customize their boxes each month would eliminate this issue as they could simply choose what they like. At the very least, allowing the option to "Never put _____ in my box" would help.


Thumbs Up


Enjoying more time is always a WIN. Getting a box like this in the mail each month would free up a few minutes each week spent shopping, scouring ingredients labels (no small feat), and fighting traffic. We already get our veggies delivered to our doorstep each week and our meat once a month, so why not snacks too?

Actually, if the right things were in the box, it could cut grocery trips down to 1-2x per month, saving 2-4 hours in the process. Convenience rocks.


Peace of Mind

Everything in the box was made with the highest quality ingredients, often supporting small businesses.

Sugar content aside, all the ingredients were organic, gluten-free, and/or grass-fed. Scouring ingredients labels takes time, energy, and resources, so peace of mind with a company I trust is always a win. I can't tell you the number of times I've invested good money into a product I "thought" was okay, only to get home and discover an ingredient I missed and then not eat the product. It's so frustrating!

I appreciate that Cave Cravings sources products that can be trusted.


Variety, Amount, & Price

There were a far amount of goodies in this box to whet every whistle. I was impressed with the overall number of items and felt the $29/month price tag is a fair price for the service + products + shipping. All of these items in a Whole Foods or other natural food store would definitely come out to $30 or more.

I also appreciated the variety, both in products and in including different flavors of the same product. Two packages of jerky, two different flavors of energy bars, energy bites, and macaroons, and one flavor of cookie.


Perfect Portion Size

The small size of each product and the individual wrapping made them an easy choice for a quick snack or bite. If there's cake in the office and you're about to cave (even though you don't want to), there's nothing to guilt over with anything in this box. They are the perfect portion size and pack a large satisfying punch in a small package.



I couldn't get over how tender the jerky tasted. It was delicious, nutritious, and the perfect size to eat the whole thing and toss the trash. Not too spicy, not too bland. Loved this jerky.

The Lemon Pie Cocoroons were the most delicious thing I've tasted from a package in ages. I'm not much of a lemon person. I don't choose lemon in desserts, but these blew me away. I also loved the small size of each bite.

The Chocolate Maca Energy Bite was also AMAZING. I could've inhaled a whole box of these.


The Low Down: Should I sign up for Cave Cravings?

It depends on:

A) your goals, and

B) for what reason you want a box like this.


If fat loss is your top priority, you're a Paleo newbie, and you have wild crazy cravings for sugar, I'd forgo this service until you've worked the system for several months, consistently nourish your body, and get a handle on your cravings.

If you want goodies on hand (just in case), are maintaining your healthy weight, and have no issues with indulging/cravings/sugar, then go for it. You can't beat getting a variety of goodies delivered to your doorstep each month. Click here to visit their website.


Have you tried Cave Cravings or a similar service? What's your experience? Share it in the Comments Section below. Can't wait to read about it.

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