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For the Folks Who Have Tried Everything

Hi, I'm Gerilyn, and 5 years ago I was at my wits end. I did everything right - exercised 4-6x per week, ate according to healthy vegetarian and raw vegan standards - but still felt fatigued, bloated, experienced acne and irregular periods, and was just plain heavy.

The heaviness is what made me desperate to try anything. For some, it's the ever-increasing barrage of symptoms and health concerns that are getting to painful to endure.  Can you relate?

If I just lost weight... then I'd feel pretty, comfortable in my skin, free in my bathing suit, and confident going after my dreams.

Instead, I tried diet after diet with little results. Oh, there'd be 5-10 lbs lost here or there, but then my acne got worse, my teeth began decaying with cavity after cavity, and I couldn't concentrate to save my life.


  • I went to a dentist for my teeth, who gave me a root canal and filled my cavities... but they just kept coming.
  • I went to a doctor for my recurring yeast infections, who prescribed an anti-fungal and forgot about it... but they eventually came back.
  • I went to a dermatologist for my acne, who prescribed topical treatments, and finally Acutane to rid my acne... but it came back.
  • I went to a therapist for my anxiety/depression and did work through lots of issues... but it was up to my willpower, tools, and tactics to perform daily tasks and concentrate.
  • I went to a nurse practitioner for my weight gain, who prescribed a diet pill... but I hated the jitters and felt crazy.
  • I tried diet after diet and exercise program after exercise program to lose weight... but it kept coming back or was only dependent on exercising 12-15 hours per week!!!

No one told me there might be a connection.


That all of my symptoms: weight gain, bloat, poor digestion, fatigue, inability to concentrate, brain fog, anxiety/depression, sugar cravings, acne, and cavities might be related and that my eating habits might be the cause.

In fact, when I first heard this, I thought the person telling me was crazy and absurd, like a snake oil salesman pushing goji juice (yes, I fell for that one). I pushed it aside flat out refused to try it for 10 months, certain I would finally detox with my raw vegan diet and then everything would be great.

It wasn't.

So I finally agreed to try the Paleo Diet on a dare, certain in my position that eating animal products would not only cause me to gain weight, but would muddy my skin, gunk up my gut, and putrify in my stomach.

Boy was I wrong.

Within two weeks of going Paleo, I'd already lost close to 10 pounds, my constant hunger disappeared, and I felt like jumping from the rooftops with all this new energy!


Who knew life could be this good?! 

There had to be a catch, right?

Actually, no. As long as I ate following general Paleo principles, I kept experiencing phenomenal results. When I stopped, the bloat and gassiness came back. The acne came back. The brain fog and cravings reappeared.

When I went Paleo again, poof. Gone.

How could nutrition be so important? How could the way I eat cause so many things? And WHY weren't any of my healthcare providers making these connections??? With my research background, I began digging into the scientific literature and reading every book and blog I could find on the subject. Things from Biochem and Physiology began click, click, clicking.

My experience over 5 years ago ignited a lifelong journey to understand the fundamental principles of sound health, mind, and soul and to share those with as many people as possible.

When people kept asking about my results, I decided to write this ebook to help folks get started on their own journeys to improve heart health, regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, address autoimmune conditions, lose weight, and generally let go of dieting and worry over health for good.

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It's chock full of:

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    A plate planner to know exactly what to eat at each meal

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    The top tips I wish I could go back and tell myself!

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    The online resources that helped me plan meals, recipes, and transition well!

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